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Traditional Asian martial arts, not the fighting sport, is more than just self-defense or fighting. The aim is to strengthen body and psyche in such a way that the students can draw positive aspects for their entire lives and become more self-confident. Within our courses. DOPDA.School helps to arouse the student's dormant potential and thus contributes to the achievement of the educational goals.

"Above all, be good!" - is my motto that drives me to accompany people on life, to help them discovering their own abilities and finally to awaken their dormant potential. I have been running a martial arts school in Heidelberg for more than 10 years, and in recent years I have been intensively studying the conditions for a self-assured and healthy life. This is the reason behind DOPDA. The aim is to combine the methods of martial arts with knowledge and best practices from psychology and pedagogy, to design a program with unprecedented potential.



Sustainable value for students

Help for students

The PISA study concludes in 2017 that 15.7% of 15-year-old students are regularly bullied by peers. A bad self-image and self-trust can have a negative effect on the school career and thus on the entire life. Serious mental and physical damage can occur.

With our courses, we have an offer which helps the students to deal better with problem situations, independently of origin and financial possibilities.


The DOPDA curriculum currently consists of 24 modules (1.5 hours each) on various topics concerning the strengthening of people (eg preventive self-defense, body language, self-confidence, goals and decisions). Based on these modules, we build a course adapted to the individual needs of the students within the course. This course runs over a half school year. We follow the approach of experience-based learning in our cources and mix theoretical content with practical exercises that allow the participants to experience the effects immediately.

The Curriculum

A mix of practical experiences and theoretical backgrounds.

Based on a completed course, we would like to show how a course can be structured in the following example curriculum.
Example of a completed course
  1. Program presentation, introductory and photo project
  2. Self - defense 1
  3. Body language & communication
  4. Effect on others
  5. Self-efficacy & self-confidence
  6. Positive self-image (double date in the rooms of the martial arts school)
  7. Delimitation & Release
  8. Self-confidence
  9. Mentors and role models
  10. Promotional relations
  11. Self - defense 2
  12. My social environment
  13. Need for change
  14. Stress and its impacts
  15. Self-reflection & perception
  16. Inner peace and relaxation
  17. Objectives / changes tackle, photo project finish, resume

Example of a course unit (in German)

Dieses Dokument enthält als Beispiel die Stunde 1 eines 2017 durchgeführten Kurses an einer Schule. Es befindet sich in einem ständigen Entwicklungsprozess und kann daher nicht als fertig betrachtet werden. Dennoch soll damit verdeutlicht werden, wie eine DOPDA-Stunde aussehen kann.


We provide the course instructors

Schools have very limited opportunities to deal with their teachers and their financial resources. At the same time there are always needs (for example, in schools with full-day care) to make additional offers possible.However, both the limited possibilities of rewarding employees and the low number of available teacher lessons make it difficult to accept new or even additional offers.


  • finds through an adequate quality assurance model course instructors with the right mindset and the necessary professional skills
  • educates these instructors
  • provides this course instructors to schools for DOPDA courses.
The school therefore does not need to send extra teachers to a partial lengthy education and does not have to worry about their permanent education.
No costs for the school
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DOPDA kommt aus dem koreanischen und heißt wörtlich übersetzt "helfen/unterstützen". Es soll den Kern unseres Programms wiederspiegeln: Menschen auf ihrem Lebensweg zu begleiten und ihnen eine Stütze zu sein. Wir wollen damit ein grundlegendes Umdenken im Bereich der Gesundheitsförderung erwirken, indem das Individuum ganzheitlich (körperlich, mental und sozial) gefördert wird.

Beteiligte Einrichtungen

DOPDA ist ein Programm der gemeinnützigen Pranado gGmbH

Verein zur Förderung von DOPDA für Kinder und Jugendliche e.V.


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