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 Heute haben wir in einer Mamutsitzung die nächsten Schritte für DOPDA.Business, DOPDA.Space und DOPDA.School geplant. Unter anderem unseren Schulkurs, welcher in der kommenden Woche startet, geplant. Spannende Zeiten sind am kommen: Schulkurs, Social Impact Summit, erste Angebote an Unternehmen...
Danke @bjoernpospiech und @larissa_busch für die produktive und inspirierende Zeit

 Today we planned the next steps for DOPDA.Business, DOPDA.Space and DOPDA.School in a mummy meeting. Among other things, er planned our school course, which starts next week. Exciting times are coming: school classes, Social Impact Summit, first offers to companies ...
Thanks @bjoernpospiech and @larissa_busch for the productive and inspiring Time

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DOPDA combines modern techniques from psychology, pedagogy and health sciences with ancient Asian movement arts. We offer to help people of all ages face the every day challenges.

Literally translated from Korean, DOPDA means "help / support". This reflects the core of our program.

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DOPDA is a program of the non-profit Pranado gGmbH


Dr. Björn Pospiech
Mobile: 0049 (0)173 / 360 43 44




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