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At the Social Innovation Summit 2018 in Stuttgart, a DOPDA.Space was set up for the first time as a place for relaxation and physical activity promotion at a congress. Not only the organizers spoke of "a clear appreciation of the entire event", but also speakers and visitors were enthusiastic. Thanks to the great attention that DOPDA.Space received, new, forward-looking opportunities opened up for DOPDA. So you can continue to be curious ...

Our first DOPDA.Space consisted of a sitting area, a relaxation area, a creative corner and a sale for tea and energy snacks. As varied as the needs of the participants was, so differently have the different offers been used. This was particularly evident in the relaxation area: this resulted in a balanced dynamic between active, guided offers such as martial arts and self-defense units or yoga and meditation exercises and quiet phases that invited, with the help of blankets and pillows, for individual relaxation. Both the active and the quiet sessions were very well received by the numerous visitors! They immediately used the energy they had gained to discuss - not only in the sitting area - excitedly with each other and with our founder Björn and to talk about opportunities for cooperation in particular but not only with DOPDA. In all the activities and discussions, only the offer to get creative with LEGO or to create their own stress balls were not used as expected.

The presence of DOPDA.Space at the Social Innovation Summit (SIS) was only possible with the support of the congress organizers, who provided the room and clearly presented our program as an interesting offer. The fact that DOPDA.Space was an ideal complement to the SIS18 was made clear in particular by the fact that - stimulated by our offer - well-being in personal and corporate areas as well as mindfulness and the establishment of holistic movement concepts were also discussed in other rooms. We were also able to encourage participants who did not visit the DOPDA.Space to think about their stress levels and self-protection.

In summary, our DOPDA.Space made a tremendous impact, participants used it for a relaxed break and we enriched the summit with health and well-being topics. Now we are working on the experiences made to optimize our DOPDA.Space and to develop it flexibly and individually. If you are interested in our offer, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

PS: What exciting opportunities for cooperation have emerged for us from the SIS, we will report shortly. So it's worth looking in...

PS2: I you like out concept of DOPDA. Space, please help us to provide it at other events with a donation on:

PS3: We would be very thankfull, if you would fill out our survey, even if you didn't visit our DOPDA.Space.


DOPDA combines modern techniques from psychology, pedagogy and health sciences with ancient Asian movement arts. We offer to help people of all ages face the every day challenges.

Literally translated from Korean, DOPDA means "help / support". This reflects the core of our program.

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DOPDA is a program of the non-profit Pranado gGmbH


Dr. Björn Pospiech
Mobile: 0049 (0)173 / 360 43 44




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